Tarot Readings

This ancient form of divination has been practiced since Alejandra and Zoë were children. Tarot has the capacity to illuminate one’s future but also shed light on blockages, unhealed wounds and forgotten strengths. It is an excellent source of empowerment. It guides its users towards healing, ambitions, purpose and goals. It also helps us rediscover ourselves when we are feeling lost.

  • 15 minute reading: $30

  • 30 minute reading: $45

  • 60 minute reading: $90

Rates are the same for phone readings.

*Please inquire for rates on including tarot reading at your event.

GemInEye Reading

This reading combines the efforts of both Alejandra and Zoë. Please see Alejandra and Zoë’s bios for a deeper understanding of how their talents integrate to form this experience.

  • 60 minute reading: $150


Divination by means of observing one’s hands. This traditional favorite is best used for gauging what major life events will transpire, what qualities will help an individual in forging a path forward.

  • 15 minute session: $20

Home Blessings

Home blessings are ideal for imbuing your space with a feeling of serenity, love and harmony. This is an especially meaningful experience for new homeowners. Home blessings allow a sense of personal connection to form with our dwellings. However, this ritual can also be used to add closure to a stressful or traumatic experience that took place in the vicinity. Blessings can also be beneficial to work or creative spaces. If you feel that there are restless spirits present in your house please feel free to contact us so we can connect you with the best resources.

  • 60 minute session: $50

Crystal Ball Reading with Tarot

This service involves "scrying", or the practice of a reader gazing into a crystal ball. When she places herself in a trance-like state she may see imagery associated with the client's future and past. This is an excellent way of finding answers related to unkown ethereal presences. Since imagery without words can sometimes by mystical but unclear, the tarot compliments this service as a way to bringing greater clarity as to what the imagery is attempting to convey.

  • 30 minute session: $50


Pyromancy is an ancient Greek form of divination. Much like crystal gazing, it involves sinking into a trance like state as a reader looks deeply into flames. In both the ashes and the fire imagery connected to the querent's (one who asks) future is illuminated. This practice works best for those who are seeking ways to deeper commune with divinity rather than looking for concrete answers.

*Pyromancy is only available in the months June through September in a safe and comfortable location of our choosing. This takes time and preparation (both psychological and logistical) and weather is a factor so we request that an appointment is made a week in advance.

  • 55 minute session: $120

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